Tuesday, October 7, 2008

I Could Have Been Smoking and Tanning All This Time...

I am forty-two years old. I am on my second marriage, my fourth "real" job (after countless "fake" jobs), and my sixth month of puppy ownership (a LABRADOR puppy, no less).

I put myself through college as a single parent, then compounded this gruesome experience by getting through graduate school.

I raised a TEENAGER, for god's sake.

I still manage to avoid looking my age. People are surprised to learn that my son is about to turn twenty. Other forty-year-olds say things like, "When you get to be my age...."

But that's all about to change. I'm about to start aging at an accelerated rate.

Carol is cooking again.

P.S. Ohmygod.. it's Tuesday? Really?? Um. Sorry.

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liz said...

Man, you are ROUGH on your friends! Speaking of Carols...do you remember OUR Carol?!?!