Friday, November 19, 2010

I Must Have Overslept

Two years since my last post? Seriously?

Last year at about this time, I toyed with the idea of posting as if it hadn't been an entire year, hoping that no one would notice the date. After all, my last post was about Thanksgiving disasters. I tend to have disasters of some kind EVERY Thanksgiving, so it would have a natural flow to it.

It would have been tough to pull off after one year -- but after two years, I admit defeat.

I'm ready to pick it up again.

2010 has been a particularly challenging year for several reasons. We are now at the close of the year... the end of the harvest... ready to hunker down for the next phase in the cycle. Old challenges are behind us. But the resolutions of the 2010 crises are sending us down a new path in 2011 on which, so far, we can only see a few feet ahead. If I turn this path into blog fodder, I can keep my sense of humor about it. (Note that I am steadfastly avoiding the use of the term "journey." This is not Lifetime television.)

But first I'll have to recap 2010. Tune in over the next several days and find out why:

  • The Golden Child is now taking Valtrex (for the sake of his continuing affection for me, I'll go ahead and reveal that it's NOT because he has a sexually transmitted disease);

  • I can get you a good deal on a lightly-used kayak; and

  • This is probably the last Thanksgiving in which our drive to the family celebration only takes a few minutes.

Of course, there will likely be a Thanksgiving post thrown in. After all, disasters are imminent.

P.S. An update on my last entry: We didn't get the oven fixed until the next week, so I had to transport my food to my mother's house and use her oven. But I had to get in line, because others (out-of-town family who were also contributing to the meal) had already reserved it.

After they all finished and left for the meal, I put my stuff in and waited impatiently for it to cook/warm/whatever it needed to do. When it was finished, I carried the food out to my RAV4, put it in the back for the short ride to my aunt's house, and pushed the back hatch closed -- at which point the entire back window shattered. That was my most challenging T'giving yet. Coincidentally, it also set a new bar for special-event wine consumption in the annals of family history.

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John Crippen said...

Glad you're back. Sounds like you've got an interesting year coming up. You two should plan a Fertile Crescent vacation in there somewhere too. Now if only you had friends with a guest room on the Med somewhere........